Liviu Filotti (b. 1962) is a Romanian petroleum engineer.

Liviu Filotti graduated as bachelor in chemistry from the Oil and Gas University of Ploieşti in 1987. He continued his studies in France where, in 1991 he obtained a diploma of Master of Advanced Studies from the École nationale supérieure du pétrole et des moteurs (ENSPM) and the Pierre and Marie Curie University presenting a thesis on "Liquid-solid equilibria in heavy alcanes-light hydrocarbons: experimental determinations and modelling". In 1998 he obtained his PhD at the Paris Diderot University with a thesis on "Ceria-Alumina Composites : from Cerium chelates to Supported Ceria Nanoclusters. Their Selective Reduction under Soft Conditions. Attempts in Selective Metallization".

He is associate professor at the Oil and Gas University of Ploieşti working in the Faculty of Oil Refining and Petrochemistry. [1][2]


  • The Simulation of Post Combustion Monolith Catalytic Reactor for the Carbon Monoxide Oxidation
    * The Influence of Remanent Coke Content on the Performances of the Additived Cracking Catalyst
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