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Lorna Dorothy Weily nee Marjoram was born 7 July 1916 at Kite Street in Orange, Wellington County, New South Wales, Australia to Unknown McCabe (c1896-) and Annie Marjoram (1896-1950) and died 6 May 1999 in Corryong, Victoria, Australia of unspecified causes. She married Percy Stanley Marks (1911-1988) .

Name variations

Lorna was called Dorothy Marjoram when she was born.

Lorna was Lorna Dorothy Marks after her marriage.


Birth and fostering

Lorna's birth certificate states that she was born on 7 July 1916; her baptism certificate states that she was born on 2 July 1916. She was born at Annie's home in Kite Street, Orange.

Lorna's mother, Annie, was forced to give her up to her then employer, William John Weily (1868-1944), before her parents would accept her (Annie) back into the family. Lorna knew nothing of this until she applied for a passport at age 60 and discovered that she had no birth certificate.

The Great Depression

Lorna met Percy Marks, who also lived in Orange, and they married in 1936.

Lorna and Percy lived in the house in Sale Street, Orange after their marriage. Bubba gave them the land and they had the house built. Percy may have assisted in the construction of the house. He gathered up the nails dropped during the construction and did not need to buy any for years.

Lorna and Percy had a stillborn daughter in 1937. Because she was stillborn she was not allowed to be buried in the Church of England section as she was not baptised. Lorna was very upset by this; the child was buried in the Methodist section of Orange Cemetery.

Lorna and Percy had a daughter, Sylvia, in 1939.

When Sylvia was a baby they put her in the pram and picked plums on the block across the street.

World War II

Lorna and Percy had a daughter, Enid, in 1942. Also in 1942, Percy joined the Royal Australian Air Force. Lorna stayed behind to raise the children.

Postwar Life

Percy purchased a farm at Borenore called Roma. The family moved there in June 1946. They ate a lot of rabbits the first couple of years.

Lorna and Percy had a daughter, Tricia, in 1947.

In Jan 1950 they moved from Orange to Lightwood, Jingellic, New South Wales. The property was a square mile block, subdivided from the original "Lightwood" property and containing the original farm house.

In the first year they moved in, there was a great bush fire and all the land was burned. Percy and Lorna stayed to fight the fire. The children fled with a neighbour to the Jingellic township, though later they wished they had stayed. Their hay sheds were destroyed in the fire.

AUS VIC Walwa Red Cross DSC02735

Walwa & Jingellic Red Cross Society members

Lorna was always an active member of the Red Cross Society, first in Jingellic and later in Caloundra.

In 1972, after having spent the best part of a year travelling around Australia and having sold the Lightwood Property to son-in-law Phillip Potter, Percy and Lorna retired and settled down to live at 19A Maltman Street, Caloundra.

After Percy died, Lorna moved from their house to a unit a few blocks away.

Lorna's death was registered on 18 May 1999 in Victoria, Australia, but she is buried in Caloundra. The undertakers were Gregson and Weight Undertakers, Caloundra.


Offspring of Percy Marks and Lorna Dorothy Weily (1916-1999)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Unknown Marks (1937-1937)
Sylvia Gweneth Marks (1939) 1939 Yit Poh (Lawrence) Yap (c1939)

Dorothy Enid Marks (1942)
Patricia Anne Marks (1947)
  • One daughter died during birth in 1937. She is buried in the Methodist section of the Orange cemetery because the Anglican church would not allow her to be buried in the Anglican section. This was because she was not christened.
  • +Three daughters, as noted in the above narrative.


See the descendants tab above.


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Sources and notes

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  Yewenyi, Robin Patterson

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Baptism countyWellington County, New South Wales +
Baptism date24 August 1916 +
Baptism day24 +
Baptism localityOrange, New South Wales +
Baptism month8 +
Baptism nationAustralia +
Baptism nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
Baptism place Orange, Wellington County, New South Wales, Australia
Baptism streetHoly Trinity Church +
Baptism year1,916 +
Birth blurb7 July 1916
Birth countyWellington County, New South Wales +
Birth date7 July 1916 +
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Birth date string7 July 1916
Birth day7 +
Birth latitude-33.283 +
Birth localityOrange, New South Wales +
Birth longitude149.1 +
Birth month7 +
Birth nationAustralia +
Birth nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
Birth place Orange, Wellington County, New South Wales, Australia
Birth streetKite Street +
Birth year1,916 +
Children-g1Unknown Marks (1937-1937) +, Sylvia Gweneth Marks (1939) +, Dorothy Enid Marks (1942) + and Patricia Anne Marks (1947) +
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Death latitude-36.198 +
Death localityCorryong, Victoria +
Death longitude147.899 +
Death month5 +
Death nationAustralia +
Death nation-subdiv1Victoria +
Death place Corryong, Victoria, Australia
Death year1,999 +
Desc1Unknown Marks (1937-1937) +, Sylvia Gweneth Marks (1939) +, Dorothy Enid Marks (1942) + and Patricia Anne Marks (1947) +
FatherUnknown McCabe (c1896-) +
Given nameLorna +
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ImageLorna Dorothy Wiely (1916-1999) portrait D +
Joined withPercy Stanley Marks (1911-1988) +
Joined with-g1Percy Stanley Marks (1911-1988) +
Long nameLorna Dorothy Weily nee Marjoram +
Middle nameDorothy +
MotherAnnie Marjoram (1896-1950) +
Notable ancestors
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Remains date9999 +
Remains involved peopleGregson and Weight Undertakers, Caloundra. +
Remains localityCaloundra, Queensland +
Remains nationAustralia +
Remains nation-subdiv1Queensland +
Remains place Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
SexF +
Short nameLorna Weily +
SiblingsOswald McCabe Marjoram (1915-1992) +
SkillsHomemaker +
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