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Louis Brecht was born on an unknown date to Reinhart Brecht (1827-1912) and Katherine Horeweddel (1807-) . Ancestors are from Germany.



Offspring of Reinhart Brecht and Catherine Wagner (1842-1923)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mary Brecht (1863-1944) August 1863 Ohio, United States 1944 Iowa, United States John Joseph Pickart (1860-1942)

Martha Brecht (1865-1936) August 1865 Ohio, United States 1936 Iowa, United States Joseph F. Kuen (1856-1933)

Joseph Reinhart Brecht (1867-1944) October 1867 Ohio, United States 29 July 1944 Iowa, United States Anna Ockenfels (1875-1954)

John Brecht (1869-1942) 21 August 1869 Ohio, United States 1942 United States
Sarah Brecht (1871-1920) July 1871 Iowa, United States 1920 Norway, Benton County, Iowa, United States
Michael Brecht (1874-1963) 8 November 1874 Norway, Benton County, Iowa, United States 15 February 1963 United States Rosa M. Hasley (1878-1966)

Bernard Brecht (1876-1955) 1876 1955 United States
Adelheid Brecht (1879-1964) 12 May 1879 Norway, Iowa, United States 1 August 1964 Murray County Memorial Hospital, Slayton, Minnesota, United States Peter Paul Ockenfels (1868-1938)

Louis Brecht (-) 9999 United States


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