Albert I of Monaco (1848-1922)
Louis II of Monaco (1870-1949)
Archibald Douglas-Hamilton, 9th Duke of Hamilton (1740-1819)
Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton (1767-1852)
Harriet Stewart (c1744-1788)
William Douglas-Hamilton, 11th Duke of Hamilton (1811-1863)
Susan Euphemia Beckford (1786-1859)
Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton (1850-1922)
Karl Ludwig von Baden (1755-1801)
Karl Ludwig Friedrich von Baden (1786-1818)
Amalie von Hessen-Darmstadt (1754-1832)
Marie von Baden (1817-1888)
Stéphanie de Beauharnais (1789-1860)

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