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Louis the German Carolingian, King of Bavaria, King of Eastern Francia, was born circa 806 to Louis the Pious (778-840) and Ermengarde of Hesbaye (c778-818) and died 28 August 876 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany of unspecified causes. He married Hemma of Altdorf (808-876) . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814). Ancestors are from France, Belgium, Germany.


Offspring of Louis the German and Hemma of Altdorf (808-876)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Hildegard (828-c856) 828 856
Carloman of Bavaria (829-880) 830 29 September 880 Liutswind (?-?)

Irmgard of Chiemsee (c831-866) 831 866
Gisela (?-?) Berthold I von Schwaben (?-?)

Louis the Younger (830-882) 830 20 January 882 NN
Luitgard von Sachsen (c845-885)

Bertha (?-877) 877
Charles the Fat (839-888) 13 June 839 13 January 888 Richardis of Swabia (c840-c895)

Namesakes of Louis the German (c806-876)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
Louis III of France (c864-882) Louis the Stammerer (846-879) Ansgarde of Burgundy (826-c881)
Louis the Pious (778-840) Chasseneuil, France Ingelheim am Rhein Charlemagne (747-814) Hildegard (758-783) Ermengarde of Hesbaye (c778-818)+Judith of Bavaria (795-843)+Theodelinde of Sens (?-?)
Louis II de Chiny (?-?) Louis I de Chiny (?-1025) Adelaide
Louis (877-879) Louis the Younger (830-882) Luitgard von Sachsen (c845-885)
Louis the German (c806-876) Frankfurt am Main, Germany Louis the Pious (778-840) Ermengarde of Hesbaye (c778-818) Hemma of Altdorf (808-876)
Louis III de Chiny (c1141-1189) Belgrade Albert I de Chiny (c1086-bef1162) Agnès de Bar (c1120-c1167) Sophie
Louis the Child (893-911) Arnulf of Carinthia (850-899) Ota (c864-c901)
Louis the Stammerer (846-879) Charles the Bald (823-877) Ermentrude d'Orléans (830-869) Ansgarde of Burgundy (826-c881)+Adelaide de Frioul (850-901)
Louis IV de Chiny (c1185-1226) Louis III de Chiny (c1141-1189) Sophie Mathilde of Avesnes
Louis (948-c954) Louis IV (c920-954) Gerberga von Sachsen (913-969)
Louis the Younger (830-882) Louis the German (c806-876) Hemma of Altdorf (808-876) NN+Luitgard von Sachsen (c845-885)
Louis de Chiny (c1069-c1124) Arnoul I de Chiny (?-1106) Adélaïde de Montdidier (c1035-c1068)
Louis of Lower Lorraine (c980-aft1012) Sens Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine (953-993) Adelaide de Troyes (c955-c991)
Louis II (c825-875) Lothair (795-855) Ermengard of Tours (801-851) Engelberga (?-c898)
Louis I de Chiny (?-1025) Otton I de Chiny (c956-c987) Ermengarde de Namur (?-?) Adelaide

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