Louisa Livermore was b. 10-Oct-1808 in Oxford, MA, 11-Mar-1830 to Joseph Bancroft in Millbury (he was born there 13-Jun-1804).  She died in Millbury 20-Mar-1870.

Vital Statistics Edit

Children of Louisa and Joseph Bancroft Edit

All children born in Millbury, MA

  1. Calista Louisa Bancroft (1830-1869) - (587)  b. 4-Oct-1830
  2. Caroline Ester Bancroft (1833-1895)- (588) b. 7-Mar-1833 and d. 24-Aug-1895 - m. Reuben Augustus Sturdy (1836-1912) see Massachusetts Death Records where he was already widowed.
  3. Mary Jane Bancroft (1836-1864) - (589) b. 11-Jun-1836
  4. Myron Joseph Bancroft (1839-1862) - b. 6-Feb-1839, d. 5-Mar-1862 (Millbury, MA), m. 12-Jun-1861 to Maria Curtis Hall in Spencer.  His widow married again and moved out west.

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Livermore Family in America

Warenne Family Ancestry

1850 US Census (Dated June 1, 1850)Edit

Listing shows Joseph (Age 46, Ocp: Millwright), Louisa (age 41), Calista L. (age 19 ), Caroline E. (Age 17 ), Mary J. (age 14 ), and Myron J. (Age 11). Owner of Real Estate valued at $2000 and all family members born in Massachusetts. Family living in Millbury, Worcester Co, Mass.

1855 Massachusetts State CensusEdit

Listing shows Joseph (Age 51, Ocp: Wheelwright), Louisa (Age 46), Mary J. (Age 19) and Myron J. (Age 16).

Massachusetts Deaths & BurialsEdit

Joseph Died - 20 March 1870, (Ocp: Millwright) at Millbury, Worcester Co, MA