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Lucien Tardif
Sex: Male
Birth: August 7, 1900
Lévis, QC, Canada
Death: April 5, 1991
North York, ON, Canada
Father: Joseph Dieudonne Tardif (1878-1966)
Mother: Marie Blanche Chamberland (1878-1940)
Spouse/Partner: Marie Flore Trudel (1905-1992)
Marriage: September 9, 1925
Shawinigan Falls, QC, Canada

Lucien was born on August 7th, 1900 in Lévis, QC, Canada and was the first of nine children of Joseph and Marie Tardif. He married Flore Trudel on September 9th, 1925 in Shawinigan Falls, QC, Canada and they had nine children. He died on April 5th, 1991 in North York, ON, Canada.


Name Birth Death
Children of Lucien and Flore Tardif

Joseph Lucien Jean Charles Tardif (1926-1975) June 19, 1926
Shawinigan Falls, QC, Canada
October 9, 1975
Ajax, ON, Canada

Denise Tardif (1927-1927) August 11, 1927
Shawinigan Falls, QC, Canada
August 11, 1927
Shawinigan Falls, QC, Canada

Claude Yvon Tardif (1928) December 31, 1928
Shawinigan Falls, QC, Canada

Madeleine Claire Tardif (1930) February 18, 1930
Shawinigan Falls, QC, Canada

Jacques Roland Tardif (1931) September 9, 1931
Shawinigan Falls, QC, Canada

Gaston Paul Tardif (1932) December 26, 1932
Shawinigan Falls, QC, Canada

Marie Gisèle Andrée Tardif (1937) February 2, 1937
Amos Abitibi, QC, Canada

Thérèse Yvonne Tardif (1941) March 1, 1941
Toronto, ON, Canada

Michel John Tardif (1949) May 31, 1949
Toronto, ON, Canada


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