In 1920 James David Rogers (1880-) was a young man in the army in Lucknow. He lived his life in India. During that time he married a Millicent(perhaps ileen Biggs??).

James David Rogers had also worked as a "Traffic Inspector" for the B.N.W. railway.

Their son Arthur Archibald or Alfred Archibald (born 1924 baptised in Allahabad) married Dorothy Mary Ogle, who worked for the ammunition factory in Jubulpore. Alfred and Dorothy moved from Lucknow to Kirkee, Pune, in the 1950s or 60s and lived their lives there till they died

Another son was Morris Gideon Rogers born 15th of June 1932 & also baptised in July 1932. He left for England but ended up living in Australia moving there in 1960 with his wife Carole Rogers(Taylor).

Their descendants would like to know more information about their relatives. The mother had been living in Bangalore and the father was born in Bombay. They were Anglo-Indians. there were five girls and three boys.

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