Lucy Caroline James (14 July 1843 - 12 October 1888)

Early LifeEdit

Lucy Caroline James was born on 14 July 1843 in Barrock, Cumberland, England. Her parents were William Edward James (1816-1879) and Eliza Hill. In addition to Lucy, William and Eliza had five children: William Edward Ashton James (1842-1884), Arthur Cecil Rutson James (1844-1912), Philip Herbert James (1847-1877), Hannah Catharine James (1855-1909) and Beatrice Mabel James (1857-1885).

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Lucy Caroline James married George Holt Wilson (1837-1924) in 1865. Two years after their marriage Lucy and George moved into Redgrave Hall, which had been in the Wilson family since 1799. Lucy and George had eleven children:

  1. George Rowland Wilson (1867-1928)
  2. Louisa Wilson (born 1868)
  3. Arthur Wilson (born 1869)
  4. Evelyn Wilson (born 1872)
  5. Basil Wilson (born 1873)
  6. Leonard Wilson (born 1875)
  7. Francis Wilson (born 1876)
  8. Emily Wilson (1877-1942)
  9. Villiers Wilson (born 1878)
  10. Piers Wilson (1883-1956)
  11. Margaret Wilson (born circa 1885)

Personal LifeEdit

Wherever the family went, Lucy Wilson would make watercoulers and sketches. In Victorian times this was considered a typical accomplishment for dutiful wives. Lucy died on 12 October 1888 aged forty-five, after giving birth to eleven children - the eldest being twenty-one and the youngest being five.