DOB: Apr 14, 1803
POB: Near Wheeling, WV
DOD: May 6, 1890
POD: Marengo, Iowa Co., Iowa
Burial: Marengo 100F Cemetery, Sec C, Lot 131/ East Of Marengo Photo's of marker appears to be a modern replacement of an original stone; and gives only the name "Lucy Patten" and the dates 1803-1890.
Spouse: Richard Patten (1787-1880)
DOM: 12-4-1826 Taken from Bowers and Short, 1999:30; JP; The primary source was Darke Co, Ohio Marriages, Book 1.
POM: Darke Co, Ohio [[Bower and Short, 1999]; the officiator was Eli Courtney,
Father: Joseph Colvill (c1770-1836)
Mother: Elizabeth VIVIAN (c1770-Aft1850)


Lucy's father parents are commonly identified as Joseph Colvill and Elizabeth Vivion. There was a Joseph Colville in the Darke Co area, of approximately the right age to be Lucy's father, but direct evidence for this is absent. Likewise, we have no information so support the identification of Lucy's mother as Elizabeth Vivion.

Commonly encountered lineages for this family show the surname in various ways: Colville, Colvill, Calwell, etc. The most likely name seems to be Colvil, since there were families of that name living in the immediate vicinity of Lucy and her husband Richard Colville, in Darke Co, Ohio.

The "Calwell" variant appears to be related to her 1826 marriage record to Richard Patton in Darke Co OH, where her name is spelled that way. A few years later a John Patten (possibly Richards brother) marries a "Sarah Colvill" in the same area. it seems likely that Sarah is Lucy's sister. The difference between Colvill and Calwell may be a transcription error, or a misunderstanding of the name by the person who recorded the marriage. In Sarah's case, the officating party was a church minister, and likely knew the couple. In Lucy's case the officating part was a Justice of the Peace and may not have know them personally---and hence got the name spelled incorrectly. In any event, early census records for Darke Co, do not seem to contain any Calwell's, but do contain several "Colvill's", particularly in Greenville Towhship, where a Richard Patten is also found.



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Bowers and Short, 1999

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