Lucy Lavina Sackett (1815-1902)1

Lucy Sackett

Lucy Lavina Sackett (1815-1902)2


  • Born: 17 July 1815, Stephentown, Columbia, New York, USA
  • Married: 15 September 1835, Canaan, Columbia, New York, USA
  • Died: 31 January 1902, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
  • Burial:


  • Father: Calvin Pardee Sackett
  • Mother: Hannah Douglas


Child listEdit

  • Mary Van Cott (1844-1884)
  • Martha Van Cott
  • Fannie Van Cott (1850-1930)
  • Lucy Van Cott; born 16 Dec 1839, Canaan, Columbia, New York, USA; died 9 September 1843
  • John Losee Van Cott; born 23 August 1847, Independence Rock, Wyoming; died 18 March 1851
  • Byron Van Cott; born 2 March 1852, Salt Lake City, Utah; died 19 November 1853

Family historyEdit



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