Lucy May Van Cott (1869-1957)

Lucy May Van Cott


  • Born:5 May 1869 Salt Lake City Utah USA
  • Married:
  • Died: 28 September 1957
  • Burial:



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Lucy Van Cott (1869) – Gifted teacher, Dean of Women at the U of U - Daughter of John Van Cott and Laura Lund, his 4th wife.

From the Van Cott Family Newsletter, published a few years ago Lucy M. Van Cott, daughter of John and Laura Lund (#4), was a brilliant teacher, and also the first Dean of Woman at the University of Utah and a power for good behind women students there. Because of her many years of service to the women of the University of Utah, a group of students applied to name a mountain in back of the university in her honor. Also, the Van Cott Hall for Women was named after her.

Lucy May Van Cott never married. She was born May 5,1869, in Salt Lake City. She lived in the middle of the block between 3rd and 4th South on University Street

She was the first Dean of Women at the Unuversity of Utah.She died on September 28, 1957 at the age of 88. Aunt Lucy did much to help the young women attending the U of U.