Ludwig 'Louis' Holzberger resided at Orroroo, South Australia, near the Flinders Ranges.

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Sometimes referred to as 'Louis', or 'Luyes'.

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Ludwig is the son of Theodore Holzberger (1809-1875)




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Ludwig 'Louis' Holzberger resided at Orroroo, South Australia, near the Flinders Ranges. In the 22 October 1903 edition of The Register, the following article appears, titled "A Tenacious Old Veteran"

Mr. W. A. Taylor, Petersberg, remarks:- "I think I have come across one of the toughest old specimens of the very early colonists to be met with in South Australia. Verily he is a marvel; and as he has not figured in the past among the old and honoured colonists gathered together yearly at the Bay it is to be hoped that the coming meeting will know him for once, and accord him the honour that is his due as a most worthy citizen and a hale and hearty old veteran of bygone days. Mr. Luyes Holzberger sailed from Bremen to South Australia in the ship Washington in the year 1836 or 1837, being one of the first batch from the Fatherland. He is now 74 years of age, but remembers the occurance well. This year at Mannanarie Station he shore 70 sheep a day; and, although having a family of grown up children and a wife all alive, he refuses to take a farthing from his children whilst he can still work. His general occupation is that of a butcher, and, although lacking a few front teeth, he can sample a beef-steak or a toothsome turkey with the best of us. I hope, Sir, the secretary won't forget this fact when next the invitations come out for the usual banquet. He has not been in Adelaide for 30 years, and I have his word that he will accept an invitation if offered; and as I don't think he is blessed with too much of this world's goods all privileges (if allowed) such as railway fare would not be out of place. His address is care Mr. Richard Walshe, Petersberg Hotel, Petersberg".

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