Lukas Lukasson von Quickelberg (bef1565-aft1582)
Lukas Lukasson Von Quickelberg
Sex: Male
Birth: before 1565
Flanders, Belgium
Death: 1602
Stockholm, Sweden
Father: Lukas Von Quickelberg
Spouse/Partner: Catarina Boij (bef1565-aft1582)
Children: Maichen Maria Von Quickelberg (1582-1646)

Possible relativesEdit

  • A Samuel Van Quickelberg (born 1529 in Antwerp Belgium)[1][2] was a physician and humanist employed at the Munich Court from 1553 through 1567.[3] There is no known relation to Lukas at this point.
  • A Michel Von Quickelberg, married to a Margaret Von Londerich, was a member of the Sankt Kolumba Katholisch parish in Koeln Stadt, Germany. They had at least one child Cunrad in 1599. Members of the family continued to reside in Koeln Stadt until at least 1707. There is no known relation to Lukas at this point.
  • A Philippus Van Quickelberghe, married to a Livina Claeijs, died September 11, 1626 in Mariakerke, Belgium. There is no known relation to Lukas at this point.

Alternate spellingsEdit

  • Von Quickelberg
  • Quichelberg
  • Von Quichelberg
  • Van Quickelberg
  • Quiccheberg
  • Quicchelberg
  • Quicklenberg
  • Van Quickelberghe
  • Qvickelberg
  • Van Quickelberge


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