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  • Phebe Van Wicklen



Children of Luke and Phebe are:

  • Samuel Eldert (b. 18 November 1815, 25 February 1870). Samuel married Aletta Ann Stoothof (d/o John and Katherine [Sprainger] Stoothof) on 22 May 1839. Children of Samuel and Aletta are Phebe, John, Mary Catherine, Ditmas, Cornelius, Elizabeth, Sarah, Luke, and Samuel Edmond.
  • Mary Elizabeth Eldert (b. 6 October 1817, bap, 16 Nov 1817, RDF, Jamaica, d. 2 September 1819),
  • Tunis Van Wicklen Eldert (b. 15 March 1820, d. 19 December 1877) Tunis married Caroline Baldwin (b. 1825) and they had five children: Henry (b. 1843), Benjamin (b. 1845), Cornelia (b. 1850), Elizabeth, and Samuel D. Samuel D. Eldert, the first of his family born in Carnesie, married Caroline Seaman--his first of four wives. They had a daughter, Adeline who married the son of a German immigrant, William Kaufmann (information courtesy of Allan Kaufmann, a direct descendent of Tunis VW Eldert, via 5 Apr 2005 email),
  • Abraham Ditmas Eldert (b. 30 April 1823, d. 8 May 1823),
  • Garret Van Wicklen Eldert (b. 5 April 1824, d. 19 Janurary 1890). Garret married first to Matilda Rider and second to Julia Seaman. Garret had nine children by marriage to first wife, Matilda: Abbey Amelia, Hannah Matilda, Luke, Sarah Marie, Louisa, Matilda, Emma, Samuel, and Garret (Abbey Amelia, d. 25 Feb 1863 at age 11 years, 4 months, 13 days. Her grave marker says... "Dearest Abbey thou has left us from this world of care and pain. Loves strong ties cold death may sever, but we trust to meet again."
  • Abraham Ditmas Eldert (b. 30 January 1827, bap. 15 March 1827, Jamaica RDF; d. 18 July 1827),
  • Luke Eldert (b. 11 April 1828, bap. 17 April 1828, Jamaica RDF, d. 26 July 1828),
  • Elizabeth Eldert (b. 9 March 1830, bap. 6 May 1830, Jamaica RDF, d. 25 February 1889). She married John B. Hopkins, son of William and Maria [Bennem] Hopkins. They had three children: William Hopkins, John Bennem Hopkins, and Lillian Ida Hopkins,
  • Aletta Maria Eldert (b. 5 May 1831, bap. 24 July 1831, Jamaica RDF; d. 15 January 1835),
  • John Henry Eldert (b. 7 June 1834; bap. 26 July 1834, Jamaica RDF; d. 25 January 1835),
  • Caroline Ditmas Eldert (b. 10 December 1835; bap 17 Feb 1836, Jamaica RDF; d. 6 April 1836),
  • Luke Eldert (b. 17 May 1837, d. 11 March 1910). He married Sarah Eliza Cooper, d/o Richard and Gertrude [Blake] Cooper, and they had three children: Richard, Augusta, and Walter.

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