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Lydia Louisa Blunt (1819 - 1916) was an heiress and philanthropist from England.


Lydia Louisa Blunt was born in 1819 in India to Richard Charles Blunt (1777-1846) and his wife, the former Elizabeth Forbes (1786-1872). Lydia had the following siblings:

  • Charles William Blunt (22 November 1810 - 5 November 1890), 6th Baronet
  • Mary Amelia Grenier Blunt (born about 1811 in Calcutta)
  • Clara Elizabeth Marrant Blunt (born about 1811 in Calcutta)
  • Anne Fitzpatrick Blunt (born about 1811 in Calcutta)
  • Eliza Anna Blunt (born 24 September 1812 in Calcutta)
  • Charlotte Fletcher Blunt (17 June 1816 in Calcutta - 1904 in Chertsey)
  • Richard John Blunt (5 March 1822 in Calcutta - 13 May 1874 in Chertsey)
  • Elizabeth Sophia Blunt (10 January 1829 in London - 1888 in Chertsey)

Lydia remained unmarried all her life and lived with two of her sisters, Charlotte and Elizabeth, both spinsters in Chertsey.

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