Dore Chakravarty was born 1923 in Princely State of Mysore, India to M.S. Chakravarty . He married Mythily (c1923-2009) 1946 .


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‡ General
  • "Dore Chakravarty", as he has been known to his friends on Wikipedia and the India and Engineering Wikia sites, participated in the uprising that resulted in the partition of India and the end of direct rule by the United Kingdom. He then had a distinguished career as an engineer.

Not keen to have birth dates of living persons public, once saying "I removed some of the birth dates in my family web page, on a request from one of my cousins from USA. Therefore better I do not put my details here."

Some of his children and grandchildren have become New Zealand citizens. In 2006, one of his granddaughters was married. On 16 July 2006 he posted on the Engineering Wikia: "marriage of my grand daughter(Cz of NZ is over and also the marriage fixing of her brother(Cz of NZ). On 13th marriage fixing of my another grand daughter at Chennai is over. In Jan07 the pending marriages will be performed at Chennai ..."

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