Muhammad Cassim Hajiar Muhammad Rasheed (1899-1968), was the son of:

His father's father was one of the committee who rebuilt the Maradana Mosque in 1840-41: "22. Shamsi Lebbe Marika Ahamed Lebbe Marikar (grandfather of MCHM Rasheed, AHM Junaid, SLM Ahamed, SLM Zohar, SLMA Rahman)".


2. Cassim Hajiar
3. Ryhanath Umma Marikar Haji
4. (Shothi) Ahmed Lebbe Marikar Shamsi Lebbe Marikar (?-1891)
5. Ummu Kulthum Muhammad Raya
6. Marikar-Haji
7. Ammachi Umma
8. Shamsi (Samsudeen) Lebbe Marikar Hameed Lebbe Marikar
12. Yusuf Lebbe
13. Ponnatchi Umma
16. Hameed Lebbe Marikar Ahmed Lebbe Marikar
24. Uduma Lebbe
32. Ahmed Lebbe Marikar
48. Idroos Lebbe
96. Ismail Lebbe


MCHM Rasheed married Ummu Thahira Shariff (1900-1979), daughter of Muhammad Lebbe Marikar Muhammad Shariff and Zulaiha Umma A.L.M.[1].

He was an indenting agent for imports of goods from Europe and Japan in the post WWII era, and owned and managed a company called Kingston Agencies.

He lived originally in Bammanna, later moved to Thimbirigasyaya in Colombo 5, and subsequently lived with his daughter (Ryhan), at Bambalapitiya until the end of his days.

His sons, Zubair and Faiz, also lived and worked in Colombo. Zubair spent his career with EB Creasy & Company Limited in the Fort, while Faiz worked for the Port Cargo Corporation. Faiz passed away after a brief illness in 2005.

Daughters Ryhan (mentioned above) and Ummu Naseeha.

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