Omalley-Mabel 1921
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1921 passport application

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1921 passport application

Mabel O'Malley (1888-1926) worked as a nurse in 1921 and she took her own life during a bout of postpartum depression. (b. July 4, 1888 - d. before December 30, 1926)



She was born in 1888 or 1890.


She married Emile James Ozanne I (1872-1939) on April 1, 1925. Their marriage certificate was "10576". They had a single child: Emil James Ozanne II (1926). Her child died around August 21, 1926 and was buried on August 24, 1926.


Mabel took her own life during a bout of postpartum depression, four months after the death of her child. Mabel was buried on December 30, 1926.


There is an Emil J. Ozanne (1872-?) in the 1930 United States Census living in Seattle in Washington state as a widower. He was born in France.