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Stanley Dunham and Madelyn during war
1,941: Stanley with wife Madelyn. Stanley enlisted in 1941 but does not have his sergeant stripes, so this is likely 1941 after his training at Leavenworth but before he shipped out to England.
Baby Ann Dunham with parents Madelyn and Stanley c1945
1,945: Circa 1945 due to apparent age of Ann and since Stanley is still in uniform. If 1945, they would be in Seattle.
Stanley dunham with daughter ann and wife Madelyn
1,956: Ann appears to be around 14 years old, so this is maybe 1956. Left to right: Ann Dunham (1942-1995), Stanley Armour Dunham (1918-1992), and wife Madelyn Lee Payne (1922)
1,956: Obama's grandmother "Toot" in about 1956

Madelyn-dunham Madelyn Payne

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