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Publicity still circa 1940

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American television circa 1950

Mahgoub Mohammed Hanafi (1902-1984) known by his stage name of Luxor Gali-Gali, was an Egyptian magician who migrated to the United States and died in Las Vegas, Nevada. (b. October 23, 1902; Port Said, Egypt - d. October 1, 1984; Las Vegas, Nevada)


He was born in Port Said, Egypt on October 23, 1902. He was married to Gabrielle X (1910-2001)

He migrated to New York City around 1933-1935 and became an American citizen on November 8, 1944.

His magic act consisted of cups and balls with baby chicks instead of balls.[1][2] [3]

He appeared on the The Ed Sullivan Show and Cavalcade of Stars in 1949.

He died on October 1, 1984 in Las Vegas, Nevada at age 82.[4]

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Tina Macq Boag Grand Children Paul Boag and Kim Boag

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