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This is a place where you can create articles about your ancestors and can easily link them to other articles about relatives and where and when they lived. You can work wholly within this wiki, or you can link your articles to external sites on the world wide web. And because this is a wiki format, you can work collaboratively with others to create a network of articles about your ancestors and about those they lived and worked with — or simply about people you find interesting. It is our hope that, as this site grows, we will gradually be able to link our ancestors into a network that goes far beyond the simple nuts and bolts of who lived where and when.

The focus of this site is on capturing the details of the lives of our ancestors, both those historically significant people and the everyday people rarely listed in encyclopaedias, histories, or even "people's histories". Along the way, the site will also provide information about the historical and social context in which our ancestors found themselves.

This site aspires to be truly global, with active contributors and information from several cultures and languages, and all four Hemispheres.

We have some of the latest wiki software to make page display easy and minimize duplication of work. Semantic MediaWiki has been used to make data entry as easy as on a commercial program and to make data retrieval and presentation easier still. Check out Help:Articles/start.

Sign in and join us. Plenty of friendly genealogists here to help if you get stuck! And be bold; mistakes can be reversed if necessary.

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Hanna Emerson (1657-1738) - Hannah Dustin (or Duston) - Famous Early American Indian Fighter - First Female American to get a Memorial Statue. One of 15 children herself, this colonial Massachusetts Puritan mother of nine was taken captive, with her newborn daughter, by Abenaki Native Americans during King William's War, during the Raid on Haverhill (1697), in which 27 colonists were killed. While detained on an island in the Merrimack River in present-day Boscawen, New Hampshire, she killed and scalped ten of the Native American family members holding them hostage, with the assistance of two other captives. ---read more
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Today is July 20.

Familypedia people who were born on this day

 FatherMotherBirth place
Ellen Arbon (1840-1924)James Arbon (1812-1871)Susan Newman (1814-1872)Graveley, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom
William Bake (1828-1914)Peter Bake (1804-1868)Tabitha Phems (1805-)
Sarah Baldwin (1707-1787)Jonathan Baldwin (c1667-1726)Susannah Kitchell (c1665-1743)Newark, New Jersey, United States
Hans Willem Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland (1649-1709)Berent Bentinck (1597-1668)Anna van Bloemendael (1622-1685)Diepenheim, Overijssel, Netherlands
Gilbert Montier Lafayette Bickmore (1826-1896)William Montier Bickmore (1799-1882)Christena Bagley (1808-1880)Madison, Madison County, Illinois, United States
Elizabeth Bond (1743-1790)Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
George Bridge (1817-1880)Joseph Bridge (1776-1829)Elizabeth Buffey (c1788-1872)Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
Joseph Bridge (1814-1891)Joseph Bridge (1776-1829)Elizabeth Buffey (c1788-1872)Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
Ruth Cadwell (1729-1762)John Cadwell (1702-1746)Dorothy Kilbourne (1706-1746)East Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut
... further results

Familypedia people who died on this day

 FatherMotherDeath placeAge at death
Mikhail Vsevolodovich of Pronsk (c1185-1217)Vsevolod Glebovich of Pronsk (c1160-1207)Isady, Spassk Rayon, Ryazan Oblast, Russia
Israel Alden (1747-1817)Noah Alden (1725-1797)Mary Joanna Vaughn (1725-1804)Broome County, New York, United States70
Robert Amory (1885-1972)Robert Amory (1842-1910)Katherine Leighton Crehore (1862-1920)Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States87
Josephine Matilda Anlezark (1868-1948)Charles Henry Anlezark (1844-1918)Rachel Harrison (1847-1872)Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia80
Alienor L'Arcedekne (1383-1447)Warin Archdeacon (1355-1400)Elizabeth Talbot (1364-1407)Worcester, England64
George Wright Arguile (1839-1922)Robert Arguile (1809-1893)Mary Ann Wright (1812-1877)Barwell, Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom83
Andrew Bailey (1851-1923)John Thomas Bailey (c1810-1890)Elizabeth Ann Prosser (1814-1885)West Maitland, New South Wales, Australia72
Alexandra Bang (1902-1979)Johannes Nielsen Bang (c1858-1943)Louise Christofa Italia Marie Nielsen (c1864-1935)Brisbane, Queensland, Australia77
Elizabeth Bartlett (1753-1825)Samuel Bartlett (1696-1759)Elizabeth Lathrop (1725-1759)Portland, Cumberland County, Maine72
... further results

Familypedia people who were first married on this day

 FatherMotherJoined with-g1Wedding1 place
Nathaniel Boon (c1792-1839)Sarah Mary Wade (1793-1887)St Johns, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
Lucien Emery Bowen (1884-1946)Lucien E. Bowen (1858-1943)Mary Schwalmeier (1859-1886)Bessie J. Thomas (1884-1911)Marion, Indiana, United States
Richard Edmund St. Lawrence Boyle, 9th Earl of Cork (1829-1904)Charles Boyle (1800-1834)Catherine St. Lawrence (c1808-1879)Emily Charlotte de Burgh (1828-1912)St. George's Church, St. George Street, Hanover Square, England, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Bristow (1771-1848)John Grono (1767-1847)St Mary's, Rotherhithe, England, United Kingdom
Ebenezer Brown (1802-1878)William Brown (1766-1820)Hannah Sweet (1774-1839)Ann Weaver (1806-1842)Dryden, Tompkins County, New York
Louis Lafayette BrumfieldThomas Colter "Tom" BrumfieldSaphronia L. MageeElla C. CarnegieWashington Parish
Rosemary Delores Carnahan (1917-1993)Marion Ervin Clanton (1911-1996)Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois, USA
Zechariah Chafee (1885-1957)Zecariah Chafee (1859-1943)Mary Dexter Sharpe (1860-1934)Bess Frank Searle (1888-1962)Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
George Chandler (1802-1880)Thomas Chandler (c1772-1855)Ann Martin (c1811-1875)Ealing, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
... further results

Familypedia people who had their second wedding (or first after a liaison) on this day

 FatherMotherJoined with-g2Wedding2 place
Catherine Berrell (c1822-1859)Michael Berrell (1796-1863)Margaret Catherine Hoy (1781-1881)John Sharwood (1810-1884)Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia
Alianore Holland (c1373-1405)Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent (1354-1397)Alice FitzAlan (c1350-1416)Edward, 5th Baron Cherleton (1370-1421)
Anne Kelly (1823-1872)John Kelly (bef1823)Margaret Unknown (bef1823)Phillip Boyle (bef1870)Star of the Sea
Mary Louise Elizabeth Montagu (1854-1934)William Drogo Montagu, 7th Duke of Manchester (1823-1890)Luise Friederike Auguste von Alten (1832-1911)Robert Carnaby Forster (-1925)
Earle Christmas Grafton Page (1880-1961)Charles Page (1851-1919)Mary Johanna Hadden Cox (1854-1931)Jean Thomas (c1911-2011)St Paul's Cathedral, England, United Kingdom
George Partridge (1690-1768)John Partridge (1658-1731)Hannah Seabury (1668-1698)Hannah Foster (1694-1778)Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts
George Franklin Richards (1861-1950)Franklin Dewey Richards (1821-1899)Nanny Longstroth (1828-1911)Betsy Hollings (1887-1981)Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah
John Russell, 1st Earl Russell (1792-1878)John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford (1766-1839)Georgiana Elizabeth Byng (1768-1801)Frances Anna Maria Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound (c1820-1898)
John William Thwaite (1845-1932)Christopher Parkinson Thwaite (c1819-aft1845)Maria Wiseman (1822-1891)Matilda Wood (-1928)Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia
... further results
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