Malcolm Hamilton, 1st Friherre of Hageby (1635-1699)

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Malcolm Hamilton af Hageby
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Malcolm Hamilton, Baron Hamilton of Hageby (1635-1699) was the Freiherre and Herre of Hageby. (b. April 18, 1635; Ireland - d. January 17, 1699; Hageby, Sweden)





  • From the Ulster Journal of Archaeology: "Malcolm Hamilton, Baron Hamilton, Freiherre and Herre of Hageby, his father's eldest son, b. 1635, April 18, in Ireland. [On] April 12th, 1689, raised with his younger brother Hugo by King Carl XI to be a Freiherre of Sweden. [In] 1693, with his brother, under No. 99, introduced amongst the Freiherrar, Major-General and Governor of a district; died January 19th, 1699. Married, 1661, Christina Makcleer (sic) as her second husband; [she was] b. 1637; d. 1709. She was widow of Colonel David Sinclair, No. 626, d. ?; daughter of Councillor in Goteborg, Commissioner John (or Hans) Maclean; Nobil Makcleer, No. 513, d. ?; Baron of Dowart in Scotland, Lord of Gasvadholm, m. m., and his second wife Anna Hansdotter Gubbert; ancestor of the elder branch of the Barons Hamilton of Hageby, No. 99."

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