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This is a descendants tree showing from left to right some Descendants of Mareen Duvall (c1630), including the line of President Obama (top line of descendants), the line of Harry Truman (bottom line ending with Robert Tyler (1751) senior), and the line of Dick Cheney (1941) (ending with Robert Tyler (1773) junior). Click a green arrow button to extend any line. (This chart model is adapted from an ancestors chart.)

Louisiana Duvall (1823)
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Gabriel Duvall (1786)
John Duvall (1745)
Jacob Duvall (1715)
Mareen Duvall (1680)
Mareen Duvall (c1630)
Robert Tyler (1773)
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Robert Tyler (1751)
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Edward Tyler (1719)
Elizabeth Duvall (1697)
Samuel Duvall (1667)

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