Children of Margaret Davidson (c1725-1745) by Robert Houston (1720-1761) Edit This List
John Houston (?-?) "Miss Ann Logan" Houston, 1882:23 provides relatively little information about the family of John Houston; He notes that he married a "Miss Logan", that they lived and died at Collierstown, "not far" from Lexington, and were buried in the cemetery of a neighboring church called "Oxford". Collierstown lies in the Buffalo watershed, about 15 miles west of Lexington, and well outside the boundaries of Borden's Grant. Houston further notes that they had a large family, "eccentric in their dispositions", and that they scattered to the west. Some identify her as "Ann Logan", but primary or at least good secondary sourcing is needed for that change.
Samuel Houston (1752-1807) Callighans Hotel, Allegheny Co, VA Elizabeth Paxton (?-?) Houston, 1882:23 Elizabeth the dau. of John Paxton, who came with the Houstons to America
Bettie Houston (?-?) James McLung Houston, 1882:36]
Margaret Houston (?-?) James Hopkins Houston, 1882:36]
Ester Houston (?-?) james McKee lived and died on Buffalo Creek, Rockbridge. [Houston, 1882:45]
Mary Houston (?-?) John Letcher Lived in Rockbridge Co. Houston, 1882:47]

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