Margaret Dunlap McNeal (1865-1950) was the eldest child of John McNeal (1840-1923) and Elizabeth Wiseman (1842-1875) and was born in Newburgh NY. Her younger siblings were Archibald, Susan Clyde, Joseph Wilson the infant Elizabeth (1875-1876), and a half-brother(in 1895)Clayton Cameron McNeal. She became a seamstress, and was working in Brooklyn when she met her once-before-married husband, Samuel Hugh Wilson. They were married in June, 1898 in Newburgh, and became the parents of a son, Robert John Wilson (1901-1986). After Samuel's sudden death from pneumonia in 1903, Margaret and her son returned to Newburgh and lived in the household of her father and her stepmother, Frances Cameron McNeal, and Frances' son, Clayton, until 1923. She returned to her profession as a seamstress in Newburgh and worked at this trade until not long before her death, in 1950, in Newburgh.

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