Margaret Elizabeth "Marg" Jackson (1902-1981) was born in New Windsor NY, the second of three daughters of John Charles Jackson and Elizabeth Ann Cavanaugh. She attended the New Windsor grammar school and later the Grand Street School in nearby Newburgh NY, then attended the local Spencerian Business School in Newburgh. She worked in the office of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point NY until her marriage in October 1925 in Newburgh to her husband, Robert John Wilson (1901-1986). Their daughter Barbara Jean Wilson (1926-1987) was born in August 1926, and their son Robert John Wilson Jr (1934), came along in December 1934. She moved to Wilmington DE in 1949 with her husband and son in 1949, and remained there until 1966, when her husband retired. They then returned to the Newburgh area, to New Windsor, where they lived together until she died suddenly in May, 1979. She was a late-blooming 9-Hole Club Senior Ladies Champion golfer and played regularly until 'retiring' only a year or two before her death.