Margaret Evans (1788-1855) was the only known daughter of Thomas and Catherine C. Evans. She was born in Virginia, but later moved to Kentucky, where all her family, for many generations, would stay, regarding it as their ancestrial home. In 1803, at the age of fourteen, Margaret married the considerably older, twenty-one-year-old John Hamman, becoming Margaret Hamman. At the age of thirty, on September the eigth, 1818, she had her only son, Andrew Hamman, in Kentucky.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Margaret was born to Thomas, age fifty, and Catherine, forty-eight, two colonial residents of Virginia, in 1788, shortly after the United States suceeded from Great Britain in the Revolutionary War.

Later life Edit

Margaret was married at the relatively young age of fourteen, to twenty-one year old John Hamman. Several years later, in 1818, she had a son, Andrew Jackson Hamman (1818-1853), named for Andrew Jackson, at that time a colonel in the First Seminole War, and later President of the United States.

Sometime in this period she moved from her family home in Virginia to Kentucky, for unknown reasons.

Death Edit

Margaret died in her Kentucky home in 1855, at the age of sixty-six.