Personal factsEdit

  • Sex : Female
  • Born: April 30, 1884 at ?
  • Died: May 9, 1946 at ?
  • Burial: unknown at present
  • Occupation: unknown




Robert Manley (1867-?)
John Manley (1869-?)
Mark Manley (1874-?)
Minnie Manley (1877-?)
Maud Manley (1879-?)


  • Name: John Thomas Meredith, Senior
  • Married: magaret


Margaret Meredith (1903-1980)
John Thomas Meredith, Junior (1905-1994)
Andrew Ransom Meredith (1906-1993)
Sarah Louise Meredith (1908-1985)
Nellie Meredith (1910-1989)
Mark Meredith (1914-1918)
Charles J Meredith (1916-1918)
James C Meredith (1918-1977)
Sarah Ellen Meredith (1920-1969)
Mary Evelyn Meredith (1921-1921)
G E Meredith (1922-)
M A Meredith (1930-)
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