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Four or more generations of descendants of Margaret of Huntingdon (1140-1201) if they are properly linked:
1. Margaret of Huntingdon (1140-1201)

2. Constance de Bretagne (1161-1201)
3. Eleanor, Countess of Richmond (1184-1241)
3. Matilda of Brittany (c1185-c1185)
3. Arthur I, Duke of Brittany (1187-1203)
3. Alix de Thouars (1201-1221)
4. Jean I de Bretagne (1217-1286)
5. Jean II de Bretagne (1239-1305) (more)
5. Pierre de Bretagne (1241-1268) (more)
5. Alix de Bretagne (1243-1288) (more)
5. Thibaut de Bretagne (c1244-c1244) (more)
5. Thibaut de Bretagne (1245-1256) (more)
5. Eleanore de Bretagne (1248-?) (more)
5. Nicolas de Bretagne (1249-1261) (more)
5. Robert de Bretagne (1251-1259) (more)
4. Yolande de Bretagne (1218-1272)
5. Hugues XII de Lusignan (c1237-1270) (more)
5. Guy de Lusignan (-c1288) (more)
5. Geoffrey de Lusignan (-1264) (more)
5. Alix de Lusignan (aft1236-1290) (more)
5. Marie de Lusignan (1242-aft1266) (more)
5. Isabelle de Lusignan (1248-1304) (more)
5. Yolande de Lusignan (-1305) (more)
4. Arthur de Bretagne (1220-1224)
3. Catherine de Thouars (1201-c1239)
2. Henry de Bohun, 1st Earl of Hereford (1176-1220)
3. Humphrey de Bohun, 2nd Earl of Hereford (c1208-1275)
4. Humphrey de Bohun (-1265)
5. Humphrey de Bohun, 3rd Earl of Hereford (c1249-1298) (more)
5. Alianor de Bohun (c1240-1314) (more)
5. Margery de Bohun (bef1265-aft1280) (more)
4. Alice de Bohun (c1235-c1255)
5. Alice de Toeni (c1252-1324) (more)
5. Ralph de Toeni (c1255-1295) (more)
4. Maud de Bohun (-c1252)
3. Maud de Bohun
3. Ralph de Bohun

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