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Margareta Kristina Höglund I
Birth: January 11, 1819 (1819-01-11) (198 years ago)
Norrutansjö, Högsjö, Sweden
Death: after June 11, 1854
Högsjö, Sweden
Father: Johannes Johansson Höglund (1782-1863)
Mother: Anna Katarina Danielsdotter (1785-1838)
Spouse/Partner: Anton Julius Winblad I (1828-1901)
Marriage: June 24, 1852 (age 33)
Högsjö, Sweden
Hogland-Winblad 001a
Högsjö-C-4-1845-1880-Image-198-page-428 Winblad Hoglund marriage

1853 marriage to Hoglund in Högsjö parish, Sweden churchbook

Margareta Kristina Höglund I (1819-1854) aka Greta Stina Höglund (b. January 11, 1819, Norrutansjö, Högsjö, Västernorrlands, Sweden - d. after June 11, 1854, Västernorrlands, Sweden)


Margareta was the daughter of Johannes Johansson Höglund (1782-1863) and Anna Katarina Danielsdotter (1785-1838). Johannes was the son of Johan Eriksson (1741-1815) and Brita Persdotter (1748-1813). Anna was the daughter of Daniel Eriksson (1747-1812) and Anna Johansdotter (1763-1807).


She was born on January 11, 1819 in Norrutansjö, Högsjö, Västernorrlands, Sweden.


  • Johannes Höglund (1815) who died as an infant
  • Anna Brita Höglund (1816-1892) who married Mårten Ramstedt (1808-1870) in 1839
  • Kajsa Lisa Höglund I (1821) who died as an infant
  • Johannes Höglund (1822-?) who married Lena Kajsa Böhlin (1830-?) in 1851
  • Kajsa Lisa Höglund II (1825-?) who married Erik Olof Wänglund in 1856


Margareta married Anton Julius Winblad I (1828-1901) on June 24, 1852 at Högsjö parish, Västernorrland, Sweden and had the following children:


Margareta died after giving birth to Antonette II and she was buried in Sweden. The exact date is not known.

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