Mariah Diamond (1920-2007) Cree (b. May 21, 1920; Quebec, Canada - d. October 23, 2007; Quebec, Canada)


Annie and Jacob Diamond. They died in the 1940s. Jacob and Annie may have died of tuberculosis.


She was born in 1920 in Nemaska, Quebec, Canada. She was a Cree.


The oral family tradition was that Mariah was hospitalized for her tuberculosis, and her parents died from it, while she was in the hospital. Her sister was then put into an orphanage. She was hospitalized for three years.


She married Joseph Papatens (1901-1965). He died in March of 1965. Joseph's brother, Nonaat Paptens, had gone to Quebec City and he saw Mariah Diamond's younger sister in an orphanage, and brought her back to his reserve.


She died in 2007.


She was buried in her husband's reserve in Lac Simone, Quebec.

Memories about Mariah DiamondEdit

My name is Louise Papatens Brown. I am full blood Algonquian Cree from Northern Quebec. I speak the Cree and Algonquian language. My father was a trapper and I grew up in the bush. My cousin is Billy Diamond, former Grand Chief of all the Cree in Quebec. My Mother's last name is Diamond, and her reserve and band is the Waswanipi band. My father's reserve is Lac Simone, an Algonquian reserve in Louvricourt, Quebec.


Her cousin is Billy Diamond (1949- ) who was the chief of the Waskaganish, Quebec Cree in 1970, and grand chief of the Grand Council of the Crees from 1974 to 1984.

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