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  • by Husband Richard Bernard
  1. Richard B Fitzgibbon b. 21 Jun 1920, d. 8 Jun 1956, Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)
  2. Louise Fitzgibbon b. 1921
  3. Marie Fitzgibbon b. 8 Aug 1924, Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts
  4. Dorothy Agnes Fitzgibbon b. 23 Feb 1925, d. 26 Jun 1986, Boston, Massachusetts
  5. Eleanor M Fitzgibbon b. 7 Apr 1926, d. 27 Sep 2001, Burlington, Massachusetts
  6. Alice Fitzgibbon b. 1928
  7. John F Fitzgibbon b. 1929
  8. Nancy Fitzgibbon b. 1931
  9. Patricia Ann Fitzgibbon, b. 1933


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