Marijke Latten (c1710-)
Marijke Latten
Sex: Female
Birth: circa 1710
Father: Nicolaas Gerritse Latten (c1692-aft1771)
Mother: ? ? (bef1695-?)
Spouse/Partner: Johannes Bennet (c1708-1775)
Children: Nicholas Bennet (1743-1796)

Given name VariationsEdit

Marijke is the standardized version of the Dutch equivalent of Mary which closest matches historical records naming this individual. However, the following variations have been found:

  • Maricke Latten[1]
  • Malte Latten[2]
  • Mattye Latten[2]

Father NicholasEdit

According to the Howard Dean ancestry, Marijke's father Nicholas Latten wrote his will September 20, 1711 in Jamaica, New York, and it was proven January 11, 1775.[3]

Potential MotherEdit

According to David Conover, Mariche's mother was named Margrita Cornell.[2][3]


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