Marion Alice Caven about 1927



Leland "Ted" Winfred Gorman and Marion Alice Caven in the late 1920s.


  • Born: June 12, 1910
  • Birth Place: Port Angeles, Washington
  • Married 1: March 30, 1926
  • Married 2: After 1945
  • Died: October 10, 2004
  • Burial: Dunn County, Wisconsin

Ancestry Edit

Marion is the daughter of William Thomas Caven (1874-1943) and Florence Adella Hogan (1880-1913).


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Family History Edit

Marion was married 9 times to 6 husbands, she carried the name Reynolds to the end.

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References Edit

1. White, Emma Siggins, 1902. Descendants of John Walker of Wigton Scotland and Some Allied Families.

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William Gorman (Grandson)

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