Patterson-Cornelia Webb-Marion


Marion Webb (1894-1931) took her own life when she discovered her husband was already married. (b. March 8, 1894; Chicago, Illinois, USA - d. August 11, 1931; Bloomfield, Essex County, New Jersey, USA)



She was born on March 8, 1894 in Chicago, Illinois.[1]



By 1900 her father had abandoned the family and she and her sister Lillie were living at the Orphan Asylum Society of the City of Brooklyn. She appears in the 1920 United States Census living in New York City.[2]


She married Frederick T. Lewis in 1927 in Connecticut who worked for the merchandising department of Hahne & Company in Newark, New Jersey. Frederick was previously married to Augusta C. and Augusta had her divorce from Frederick set aside, but he had married Marion and moved to New Jersey. Legally he was now a bigamist.


The New York Times, February 12, 1929:

Attacks marriage of her ex-husband. Former Mrs. Frederick T. Lewis alleges she had divorce set aside. Mrs. August C. Lewis of the Hotel Leonori, Madison Avenue and Sixty-third Street, sued in the Supreme Court yesterday to void the marriage of Frederick T. Lewis, who she asserts is still her husband, and Marion Webb, to whom Lewis was married in Connecticut in 1927, after obtaining a divorce decree which Mrs. Lewis had set aside. Mrs. Lewis asks that the defendants be restrained from living together and that Marion Webb be enjoined from using the name Lewis, on the ground that Lewis's pretended divorce from the plaintiff subjects her to ignominy and unpleasantness and to a false suspicion that the defendant divorced the plaintiff because of infidelity. Justice Glennon ordered that the papers be served on Lewis by mail to the merchandising department of Hahne & Company, Newark. The affidavits of Mrs. Lewis and her attorney, Henry Woog, asserted that Lewis is now living in East Orange with Marion Webb and that he is remaining out of New York to avoid alimony in a suit for separation brought by the plaintiff.


Her cause of death was "asphyxiation by illuminating gas".


She was buried on August 14, 1931 at Evergreen Cemetery, Hillside, New Jersey, in lot 5A of the Lawn Crest 4 section on map 7. The undertaker was T.J. O'Mara.