Vital Statistics Edit

Biography Edit

Louisa Vansittart is the daughter of Arthur Vansittart. She married William Chapman, son of Sir Thomas Chapman, 2nd Bt. and Margaret Anne Fetherstonhaugh, on 14 July 1841.

Children of William Chapman and Louisa Vansittart Edit

  1. Major William Eden Chapman (1844-1870) - He died on 6 May 1870 at age 25 after he had gained the rank of Major in the service of the 15th Hussars.
  2. Thomas Robert Tighe Chapman (1846-1919) - 7th and last Chapman Baronet and father to T.E. Lawrence
  3. Caroline Margaret Chapman (1851-1920) - who married her cousin, the 5th Chapman Baronet
  4. Francis Vinsittart Chapman (1850-1915)


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