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Sir Martin Hildyard

Will Dated: December 30, 1544

Will Proved: May 22, 1545; York, Yorkshire, England


Offspring of Martin Hildyard and Emma Rudston (1511-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Christopher Hildyard (c1529-?)
Richard Hildyard (1532-1602) 1532 (Winestead+ Holderness+ Yorkshire+ England) 1602 (England) Jane Thwenge (1536-)

John Hildyard (1534-?)
William Hildyard (1536-?)
Anne Hildyard (1538-?)
Jane Hildyard (1540-?)


Ahnentafel of Martin Hildyard (1509-?)
The numbers beside each individual are of interest to some researchers. For details see help on Ahnentafel lists of ancestors. In a nutshell, the numbers are used to reveal the relation of the ancestor to the subject. For example, 6 corresponds to maternal grandfather.

Generation 1

1. Martin Hildyard (1509-?)
Birth: 1509. Death: 1545.

Generation 2

2. Christopher Hildyard (1490-1538)
Birth: 1490. Death: 1538.
3. Margaret Coningsby (?-?)

Generation 3

4. Peter Hildyard (1460-1501)
Birth: 1460. Death: 1501.
5. Joan de la See (1463-?)
Birth: 1463.
6. Humphrey Coningsby (?-?)

Sources and notes

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