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Mary Ann "Polly" Busby, b. 10 January 1808 in Harrison Co, OH, Married John McCombs on 23 December 1834 in Harrison Co OH (Family Homestead), died 17 November 1890 in Scott Twp, Mahaska Co, IA of the FLux and was buried in Olivet Cemetery, Olivet, Mahaska Co, IA.
Mary Ann Busby (aft1795-)

Source: History of Mahaska Co, IA, Pub 1984 by Mahaska Co, IA Historical Society, Copy in Mahaska Co, IA Library., Copy in &nbsp

Mary Ann Busby aka Polly
Sex: Female
Birth: January 10, 1808
Death: November 17, 1890
Father: John Busby III (1774-aft1820)
Mother: Agnes Wisner (bef1780-aft1818)
Siblings: John W. Busby (1806-?)
Edith Busby (aft1795-?)
Sarah Busby (aft1795-?)
Rachel Busby (aft1795-?)
Belinda Busby (aft1795-?)
Elizabeth Busby (aft1795-?)
Dorcas Busby (1810-1901)
Harriet Busby (aft1795-?)
Deborah Busby (aft1795-?)
Jane T. Busby (1818-1905)
Abraham H. Busby (aft1795-?)
Isaac W. Busby (aft1795-?)
Spouse/Partner: John McCombs
Marriage: December 23, 1824

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