Geer, Mary Bethany (nee Callaway)

Mary Bethany Callaway
(Mrs. James Frederick Geer)

Gravestone - Mary Bethany Callaway Geer

Mary Callaway Geer Tombstone
Geer Family Cemetery, Greene Co.

Mary Bethany Callaway was born February 20, 1825 near Rayle in Wilkes County, Georgia, daughter of Rev. Enoch Callaway (1792-1859) and Martha Reeves (1796-1879). She married in Wilkes Co. December 5, 1811 Capt. James Frederick Geer (1824-1905) of Penfield, Greene County, Georgia, son of David Geer (1791-1855) and Sarah Greer (1805-1826). She died on May 4, 1908 in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia and is buried in the Geer Family Cemetery, Greene County, Georgia.

Together they raised a family of twevle children:

1. Sarah Martha Geer (1844-1925) English

2. Mary Helen Geer (1846-1892) McCommons

3. David Paul Geer (1848-1895)

4. Ann Elizabeth Geer (1850-1902) McCommons

5. Lydia LaBelle Geer (1852-1903) Winfrey Williams

6. Ella Caroline Geer (1854-1876) Harlow

7. James Frederick Geer, Jr. (1856-1890)

8. Julia Alline Geer (1858-1884)

9. Enoch Callaway Geer (1860-1926)

10. Joseph Jefferson Geer (1863-1924)

11. William Brantley Geer (1865-1894)

12. Alice Angela Geer (1867-1930) Weatherly.

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Five Generation Pedigree
Great grandparents
2nd Great grandparents
Mary Bethany
Rev. Enoch Callaway
John Callaway
Edward Callaway
John Callaway
Mary Gould
Elizabeth Unknown
Bethany Arnold
 ?Peter Arnold? Unknown Arnold
Unknown Unknown
Martha Reeves
Abner Reeves
Malachi Reeves
William Reeves
Martha Wiley
Elizabeth Unknown
Sarah Wright
William Wright
Richard Wright
Unknown Unknown

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