Mary Birdsall (bef1767-aft1840)
Mary Birdsall
Birth: before 1767 in New York
Death: after 1840
Father: Samuel Birdsall (bef1751-aft1790) (suspected)
Siblings: Oliver Birdsall (bef1768-aft1790) (suspected)
Samuel Birdsall II (bef1769-aft1790) (suspected)
Seaman Birdsall (bef1770-aft1790) (suspected)
Spouse/Partner: John Eldert (bef1775-aft1820)
Marriage: March 25, 1782 in Hempstead, Nassau County, New York
Children: (son) Eldert (bef1790-bef1800) (died childless)
Israel Eldert (bet1780&1790-aft1830)
(daughter) Eldert (bef1790-?) (lived with grandfather Israel in 1800)
(son) Eldert (bef1790-bef1800) (died childless)
Samuel B. Eldert (c1798-aft1850)
(daughter) Eldert (bef1790-?) (died or married prior to 1800)
(daguther) Eldert (bef1800-aft1800) (may be the same as one of the earlier daughters, if born in 1790)

Close RelativesEdit

The following Birdsall households are found in Nassau County, New York, in the 1790 census:

  • Benjamin Birdsall (Oyster Bay)
  • Benjamin Birdsall (Oyster Bay)
  • Amey Birdsall (South Hempstead)
  • David Birdsall (South Hempstead)
  • James Birdsall (South Hempstead)
  • Joseph Birdsall (South Hempstead)
  • Oliver Birdsall (South Hempstead)
  • Samuel Birdsall (South Hempstead)
  • Samuel Birdsall II (South Hempstead)
  • Seaman Birdsall (South Hempstead)

One of the Benajmins listed above was likely the Benjamin Birdsall (1743-?) who married Rachel Carpenter (1747-1843). The other Benjamin was likely the Benjamin Birdsall (1736-1798) who married Freelove Jones on January 5, 1763. Oliver was likely the Oliver Birdsall who married to Sarah Sands on January 8, 1784. One of the Samuels was likely the Samuel Birdsall who married Elizabeth Moore on June 12, 1785. David was likely the son of Benjamin Birdsall and Freelove Jones. Seaman was likely the Seaman Birdsall that married Abigail Smith on February 21, 1786.


Marriage of John Eldert and Mary Birdsall

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