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 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Mary Browne (1552-1607)Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montagu (c1527-1592)Jane Radcliffe (c1532-1552)Henry Wriothesley, 2nd Earl of Southampton (1545-1581)+Thomas Heneage (c1532-1595)+Henry Hervey, 1st Baron Hervey (c1560-1642)
Mary Browne (1772-1858)Somerby HallWilliam Browne (1728-1814)Mary Adcock (c1733-1798)Edwyn Andrew Burnaby (1771-1824)
Mary Browne (1626-1689)Plymouth Colony, Plymouth, Plymouth County, MassachusettsMiddleborough, Plymouth County, MassachusettsPeter Browne (bef1600-1633)Martha Weighte (1589-1630)Ephraim Tinkham (1606-1683)
Mary Browne (c1600-)EnglandPlymouth County, MassachusettsPeter Browne (bef1600-1633)
Mary Jane Browne (1840-1894)Singleton, New South Wales, AustraliaSydney, New South Wales, AustraliaJohn Browne (1803-1881)Elizabeth Mary Alcorn (1806-1876)John McElhone (1833-1898)
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