Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Mary Dean (1876) and Thomas Sewell (1865)
Georgia Sewell (1891) Georgia L 1891 Buchanan, Georgia
John Sewell (1893) John S 1893 Buchanan
Arthur Sewell (1895)
James Arthur
1895 Buchanan c1912
Louis Sewell (1897) Lewis F 1897 Buchanan
Lawrence Sewell (1898) Lawrence N 1898 Buchanan
Vera Sewell (c1903) c1903 Fouke, Wood Co, TX
Cecil Sewell (c1906) Cecil C
Chester [1]
c1906 Fouke
Aaron Sewell (c1908) c1908 Fouke
Essie Sewell (1912)
Essie Mae "Billie"
c1912 Fouke

Points regarding ChildrenEdit

  • 1900 Census verifies birth month and year for Georgia through Lawrence.


  1. ^ 1920 census refers to Chester, age 14

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