Mary F. Benedict (1877-1965) Housewife (b. September 12, 1877, Westbrookville, New York - d. October 20, 1965, New York, USA)


Her parents were Jonathan Benedict (1850-1879) who was born on July 24, 1850 and died on Dec 11, 1879 in Westbrookville; and Nancy L. Culver (1850-1924) who was born on April 18, 1850, and died on March 26, 1924 in Westbrookville. Nancy L. Culver was a daughter of Reed Crandall Culver and Leah Birdsall. Nancy Culver was a younger sister of Josephine Culver who married Archibald Baker Page. Reed Crandall Culver was son of Daniel Culver and Lucinda X, and brother of Mary Sherwood Culver who married Richard James Page. Jonathan Benedict Sr. who married Nancy Culver was a son of William Benedict and Mary X.


September 12, 1877, Westbrookville, New York


She had at least 3 brothers: Jonathan Benedict II; William R. Benedict; and Charles E. Benedict.

First marriageEdit

On October 7, 1903 she married William Nathan McDowell.

Second marriageEdit

On January 9, 1915 in Wurtsboro, New York, she married Frederick Eugene Skinner. Frederick Eugene Skinner (1884-1966) was born on April 24, 1884 in Westbrookville. He was son of James Skinner and Lucinda Jane Tompkins.


  • Otto Skinner who married Martha Katherine Eltz aka Kate Skinner
  • Elsie Skinner who married Frank Grebeldinger II and later married James Robert Potts (1908-2002)