Mary Katherine SIMON, daughter of Joseph Simon and Anna Kutina, was born 26 April 1872 in Chicago, Illinois.

She was the second wife of Jonas Tombaugh (1854-1932).

For the first few years after their marriage, they lived in a sod house on the rugged prairies of Kansas, rearing a family of seven children in addition to two children from Jonas' previous marriage.

By 1900 they had moved into a nice wood-framed farmhouse in Pleasant Township, Smith County, Kansas.


  1. Leander A. TOMBAUGH
  2. MaryAnn Margaret Tombaugh (1891-1988)
  3. Martin S. TOMBAUGH
  4. Clarence W. TOMBAUGH
  5. Simon J. TOMBAUGH
  6. Albertha E. TOMBAUGH
  7. Violet K. TOMBAUGH


Mary K. died 25 June 1950 in San Francisco, California.


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