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  • Born: 07 Jul 1799
  • Married:
  • Died: 15 Dec 1846 in Pleasant Hill, AL
  • Burial: Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pleasant Hill, Lowndes Co., AL


Mary MOOR was the daughter of James MOOR and Nancy ______.


James Gillespie COWAN, son of John [ Alexander] COWAN

Child ListEdit

  1. William James COWAN b: 08/30/1836 d: 07/28/1853
  2. Rosanna Jane COWAN b: 09/20/1837 d: after 1880
  3. Mary Ellen COWAN b: 0/10/1839 d: 09/06/1868
    m. George Yates HIGGINS b: c. 1837 d. 10/__/1875
  4. John Newton COWAN b: 01/07/1843 d: 01/06/1900 Lowndes Co., AL

Family HistoryEdit

Alternative InterpretationEdit

Per email from Stephanie Stoermer:
"Like the rest of Dallas County, the land at Pleasant Hill was part of the cession by the Creek Nation in the Treaty of Fort Jackson. Pleasant Hill was the site of an Indian trading post called Fort Rascal, a name which it bore into the 1840s. Fort Rascal had a "grog house," a slave market, and as white settlement increased, several stores and law offices which catered to the needs of land speculators and planters. In 1818, James Moor, a planter from Tennessee, bought the patent for 160 acres immediately east of Pleasant Hill. By 1823, James and his sons William and Lewis patented an additional 320 acres in the area. William Moor(e) patented 82.44 acres of which much of the modern village, including the Presbyterian churchyard, is a part.

The Moors were Cumberland Presbyterians, and formed the nucleus of a Cumberland congregation called Mount Carmel. William Moor(e) served as pastor of Mount Carmel Church until his death in November 1831, by which time the church had a log building. Reverend Moor(e)’s 82 acres must have passed to his brother Lewis, because Lewis Moor sold lots from that parcel in the 1840s and 50s, including the one for the Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1851, Mt. Carmel Church took up a subscription for a new frame building. Seventy-four subscribers pledged $1569.50, of which Lewis Moore pledged $400. According to tradition, Moor donated the land for the church, and his slaves are believed to have carried out much of the construction, which was completed in 1852. "


  • Cowan family Bible (in possession of Margie Cowan as of 2006)
  • Tombstone at Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church, Pleasant Hill, Lowndes Co., AL


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