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Mary Pugh
(no known picture)
Sex: Female
Birth: May 10, 1804
Montgomery County?, Georgia
Death: July 1, 1879
in Pulaski County, Georgia
Burial: Jacob Watson plot,
Orange Hill Cemetery,
Hawkinsville, Pulaski County, Georgia
Father: possibly Francis Pugh or Thomas Pugh
Mother: unknown
Spouse/Partner: Jacob Watson II
Marriage: August 17, 1819
in Dublin, Laurens County, Georgia

         While we know Mary Pugh married Jacob Watson in 1819 and that she was born in 1804 and died in 1879, we really don't know much else about her. Outside of these facts, all we really know is that she was a founding member of the first Methodist congregation in Hawkinsville. One thing we definitely are not sure of is the identity of her parents.

         The first place to look is in Montgomery Co. (I think) where Mary's husband Jacob Watson applied to be the guardian of the orphans of Francis Pugh. It is most likely Mary's birth county as Laurens, where she was married, was not formed until 1807. In an examination of other records, it is difficult to distinguish a younger Francis Pugh from the person of Francis Pugh who moved to Georgia in 1764 from North Carolina. If they are separate people, then the younger one would almost certainly be Mary's father. If not, we have to make some more assumptions. First is that Francis Pugh, who had grown children by the 1790s, is not Mary's father. Also, in 1815 or 1816, there are records of orphans of Thomas Pugh, who appears in records with one or both Francis Pughs. If there is only one Francis Pugh, then it could be possible that Francis could have adopted Thomas' children (presumably his own grandchildren) before his own death. This then could be why the records mention the orphans of Francis Pugh and not those of Thomas Pugh. As I said, this scenario requires a few assumptions and should be viewed with skepticism until more proof can be found (if possible). I would prefer to declare Francis as Mary's father, but I cannot be sure that a younger Francis existed.

         Mary's mother is also tricky. In 1790s records with Francis and Thomas Pugh, one lists an older Mary Pugh as Francis' daughter. This seems to eliminate her as Thomas' wife. I therefore do not have a name for his wife. Lora Young, a fellow researcher, stated that in a census, the younger Mary listed her father as being born in North Carolina and her mother as being born in South Carolina.

         To sum up, I believe Mary Pugh's grandfather was Francis Pugh of North Carolina/Georgia (in counties of Burke, Washington, Montgomery and Laurens). Her parents however, are trickier to determine.


Name Birth Death
Children of Jacob Watson II and Mary Pugh

Willis M. Watson November 30, 1823
Pulaski County, Georgia
January 6, 1850
Houston County, Georgia

James Watson ?? ??, 1825
Pulaski County, Georgia
c. 1865

Mary Slocum Watson March 25, 1827
Pulaski County, Georgia
January 19, 1847
Pulaski County, Georgia

William Watson ?? ??, 1829
Pulaski County, Georgia
c. 1865

Jacob Watson III December 22, 1832
near Hawkinsville, Pulaski County, Georgia
July 17, 1901
near Hawkinsville, Pulaski County, Georgia

Caroline Ann Watson ?? ??, 1834
Pulaski County, Georgia
bef. 1900

Thomas Watson ?? ??, 1836
Pulaski County, Georgia
c. 1865

Georgia Ann Watson ?? ??, 1838
Pulaski County, Georgia
bef. 1910

Oren Watson ?? ??, 1839
Pulaski County, Georgia
bef. 1900


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