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Mary Smith was born 1810 to William Smith (c1780-) and Fanny Unknown (c1780-) and died 1891 of unspecified causes. She married Peter Plante (1804-1864) 11 August 1832 in Radford, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom.


Offspring of Peter Plante and Mary Raynes Smith (1810-1891)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Alfred Pope Plante (1833-)
Rosalie Ada Plante (1835-)
Frances Pope (c1838-)
Neville Pope Plante (1838-)
Thomas Crowther Plante (1838-1919)
Holland Pope Plante (1840-)
Horace Pope (c1842-)
Curtis Pope (c1843-)
Blysset Raynes Plante (c1847-)
Falconbridge Plante (c1848-)
Cecil Waldegrave Plante (1852-1927)

Namesakes of Mary Raynes Smith (1810-1891)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Mary Smith (1628-1668)Church of St Mary the Virgin, Hadleigh, Suffolk, England, United KingdomHatfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, United StatesSamuel Smith (1602-1681)Elizabeth Chileab (1602-1686)John Graves (1626-1677)
Mary Smith (1665-)Nathaniel Smith (c1635-1686)Thomasin Unknown (c1639-1697)Nicholas Petten (c1655-)
Mary Smith (1815-)KentuckyThomas Sparrow (1793-1903)
Mary Smith (1717-1791)Woodbridge Township, New JerseyShubael Smith (1692-1769)Prudence FitzRandolph (1696-1766)Jonathan Dunham (1709-1748)
Mary Anne Smith (1851-1919)New South Wales, AustraliaWindsor, New South Wales, AustraliaRobert Smith (c1807-1887)Margaret Hartley (1820-1865)Charles Hitchen Clarke (1851-1930)
Mary Denison Smith (1789-1854)Pequonnoc, Fairfield County, ConnecticutNew London County, ConnecticutDenison Smith (1769-1860)Waity Smith (1770-1853)Lewis Allen (1783-1844)
Mary Elizabeth Smith (c1772-c1865)Greenbrier County, Virginia, United States of AmericaBurton Smith (c1750-)Michael Miller (1770-1834)
Mary Newman Smith (c1760-1792)Essex, England, United KingdomFoulness, Essex, England, United KingdomJames Webb (c1756-1829)
Mary Raynes Smith (1810-1891)William Smith (c1780-)Fanny Unknown (c1780-)Peter Plante (1804-1864)

Sources and notes

Contributors, Robin Patterson

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