Mrs Mary Bond was born circa 1720 and died 20 July 1768 of unspecified causes. She married Thomas Bond (c1720-) circa 1738 .


Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • Nancy McPhee, The Complete Book of Insults, London, Guild Publishing, 1982, pages 22f, quoting a tombstone in the churchyard at Horsley-Down in Cumberland, stated to have been provided by her brother-in-law:
She was proud, peevish and passionate ...
She sometimes made her husband happy ...
Much more frequently miserable ...
Insomuch that in 30 years cohabitation he ...
had not in the whole, enjoyed two years
of matrimonial comfort.
At length
She died of vexation, July 20, 1768
Aged 48 years.


  Robin Patterson