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Matheus Lopes Tito (Rio de Janeiro, January 19, 1999) is a family member Lopes da Silva, Tito. He has a form of autism (or Asperger's Syndrome, it is unknown). His number is 105 IQ, his favorite color is orange and writes novels, books and music. He loves to watch the series from Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network (Total Drama Series: Total Drama Island Total Drama Total Drama Action and World Tour. There is a possibility that he also likes Total Drama Reloaded). He is currently passing through puberty and is at the end of Fifth Grade Elementary School. He and his mother have rhinitis, while his younger brother Bruno has bronchitis. His father works as a guard and has a great mood, although it seems bad-tempered and boring. Sometimes Matheus conflicts with his father and brother in general they have a good relationship. His nickname is Tripp, given by one of his best friends Igor. He even suffered the month of August that bullying was more enlightened by the inspector of your college. One of his enemies are Alexa Nikolas, Nicole from the TV series Zoey 101 (from their point of view), Beatriz, Maria Julia, Thalia, Carlos Alexandre and a few more that he can not remember.